Attachment Options

for PowerStorm Ultra and MAX Units

"It's UNSTOPPABLE - Just like the people that use it."

Halligan Pry Bar Attachment

This option is available for both the DoorStorm Ultra and MAX units. This option allows the user to utilize the units as "Halligan" pry bars allowing for even easier forcible door entry. The user will no longer need a second person to utilize another tool during forcible entry. This option allows the unit to become an "all-in-one" tool. Note: This option becomes necessary for door entry sporadically, as most doors open easily with our standard unit.


Manual Op. Wheel Attachment

This option allows for manual retract, as well as a silent, quick setup for forcible door entry. This option also allows a single user to set up the DoorStorm MAX and Ultra units in "stealth" mode when necessary. Our NEW PowerBolt lithium powered unit includes this option at no extra cost. The unit can be manually set in place prior to power entry, enabling the operator to be at a safe distance from the door during entry operations. This dramatically increases safety and could potentially, save lives.

Special Introductory Offer

For a limited time we are offering both options for the price of one.

Regular price: $100

Sale Price: $50.00