DoorStorm's Knotless Secure-Me™ Termination Anchor


secure me

DoorStorm's Termination Anchor Device was specifically developed for use in "Quick" emergency exits, lowering from one level to another level below using an escape rope.

Designed for ease of use - our Termination Anchor offers firefighters the speed necessary to escape. Takes only seconds to assemble and engage for safe lowering using 1/2 " or 5/8 " rope.

Light-weight, ultra-strong aircraft quality, certified aluminum alloy (6061-T6) using all U.S. materials and manufactured in our own facilities.

Thousands being used for use in rigging, scaffolding and firefighting industries.

Bar holding capacity exceeds 5000 lbs of stress and 10 times the 1/2 " & 5/8 " rope capacity after assembly.


  • Our Secure Me Termination Anchor device is the practical solution to comply with the current ANSI Z 359-1 National Standard Specifications.
  • "Knots shall not be used for load bearing end terminations " -  ANSI Z 359.1


National Cordage Institute

  • "Knots can reduce the breaking strength of lifelines up to 50 % depending on what type of knot is employed."

A life saving device that's a must for all active Firefighters

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